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Thomas J. Moore

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How the Failures of the Pharmaceutical Industry Put Patients at Risk

Dr. Thomas J. Moore is Senior Fellow at George Washington's Center for Health Policy Research and author of the new book, Deadly Medicine: Why Tens of Thousands of Heart Patients died in America's Worst Drug Disaster. He tells the story of a certain line of drugs that prevented irregular heartbeats but were consequently shown to be dangerous and even fatal. Yet the drug remained on the market due in large part to the giant pharmaceuticals power over the FDA.


The War on Cholesterol: Perspectives from Both Sides.

Reporter Thomas J. Moore. In his new book, Heart Failure, Moore argues that one of America's biggest health concerns - trying to reduce cholesterol - is a waste of time. Moore re-examines health studies and concludes that diet and exercise do relatively little to lower cholesterol, and almost nothing to increase lifespan. Moore also examines the little reported dangers of heart surgery and other coronary procedures. Part of Moore's book appears in the September issue of The Atlantic Monthly under the title "The Cholesterol Myth." Terry also talks with Dr. W.

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