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Terry McMillan

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Novelist Terry McMillan Discusses "How Stella Got Her Groove Back."

Novelist Terry McMillan. The film adaptation of her 1992 novel, "Waiting to Exhale" was last year's box office hit.The book sold nearly 4 million copies. McMillan has recently completed her fourth novel, "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" (Viking) which is available in bookstores this week. It tells the story of a 42-year old career woman on vacation in Jamaica who falls in love with a 20-year old unemployed resort worker. According to McMillan, "it's as close to autobiography as I've written in a long time".


Novelist Terry McMillan.

Writer Terry McMillan. Her new novel, "Waiting to Exhale," (Viking) is about four strong, urban black women in their thirties, their successful careers, and their sometimes volatile relationships with black men. She says women -- both black and white -- are frustrated because they can't find a man who's willing to commit, and won't lie and cheat. Her previous novels are "Mama" and "Disappearing Acts."


Terry McMillan on the Sacrifices We Make for "Love."

Author Terry McMillan. She's a black writer whose first novel was "Mama." Her new novel, "Disappearing Acts," is set in Brooklyn in 1982 and takes a look at what makes a relationship work. It's about an educated black man who falls in love with an uneducated black woman.


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