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Ted Hawkins

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Remembering Singer-Songwriter Ted Hawkins

An interview from our archives with singer, songwriter and guitarist Ted Hawkins, who died Sunday in Los Angeles. He was 58. For almost 30 years, Hawkins was a street musician in L.A famous for his trademark milk crate. He became a star in England where he lived for four years, though he was still virtually unknown in the U.S. Last year, Hawkins released a new recording titled "The Next Hundred Years." (Rebroadcast)


Blues Musician Ted Hawkins.

Ted Hawkins is a singer, a songwriter, and a guitarist who for almost 30 years was a street musician in L.A. His music isn't the blues though he's qualified to sing them: he grew up in poverty in Mississippi, his mother was a prostitute, he never knew his father. As a teenager, Hawkins spent time in jail. His first two marriages ended quickly: one was annulled, his second wife died two months into the marriage.


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