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Sarah Vowell

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Writer Sarah Vowell

Writer Sarah Vowell is a contributing editor for public radio's This American Life. She's also the author of the book Take the Cannoli, and the new book of her pieces, The Partly Cloudy Patriot


Writer and Journalist Sarah Vowell.

Contributing editor for This American Life, and columnist for, Sarah Vowell. She has a new collection of essays, “Take the Cannoli: Stories from the New World” (Simon & Schuster).


A Rock Fan's Religious Devotion to His Favorite Band

Another excerpt from "This American Life" Sarah Vowell tells us about a fan of the Seattle pop-punk band Fastbacks. He's no ordinary groupie, though, and dedicates as much energy to fandom as many performers devote to their music. "This American Life" airs weekly on public radio stations and is produced by Ira Glass at Chicago's WBEZ.


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