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Author Salman Rushdie smiles slightly while wearing a suit

Salman Rushdie

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Salman Rushdie Discusses His New Life and Book.

Salman Rushdie has written the new novel "The Ground Beneath Her Feet." (Holt) It is his sixth novel but the first to be set largely in the United States. His previous novel "Satanic Versus" offended many in Iran which resulted in the government calling for his death. Rushdie lived in hiding for years. The Iranian government has since rescinded its "fatwah."

Author Salman Rushdie smiles slightly while wearing a suit

Author Salman Rushdie's Gradual Return to Normal Life

It's been almost six years since the Ayatollah Khomeini issued a death sentence against the author. Since then, Rushdie has lived in hiding, continuing to write and making a few semi-public appearances. His book, "Haroun and the Sea of Stories," published in 1990, was a fairy tale written for his son. His new book is collection of stories about the line that divides East and West, called "East, West."


Salman Rushdie Discusses Fighting the Fatwa Against Him.

Controversial author Salman Rushdie. Terry last talked to him in late 1990 about his life. For over three years, Rushdie's been in hiding, a result of the reaction to his novel "The Satanic Verses." That novel offended many Muslims and led to the Ayatollah Khomeini putting a one-million-dollar death sentence on Rushdie's head. Just lately, he's begun to travel and make public appearances, even though he's still a target for assassination. Rushdie called us from his hiding place somewhere in Great Britain.


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Four Years On, Salman Rushdie Is Lost to Sectarianism

Book critic John Leonard remarks on the fourth anniversary of the death-sentence that sent writer Salman Rushdie into hiding. He says that, despite support from the literary community, Rushdie has been unfairly mocked by critics and journalists.


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