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A. S. Byatt

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British Novelist A.S. Byatt

British novelist A.S. Byatt. Her novel Possession was a bestseller, and her novella Angels & Insects was turned into an arthouse film. Byatt's new novel is The Biographers Tale (Knopf). This interview was recorded before a live audience at the Free Public Library in Philadelphia.


A. S. Byatt Discusses Language and Her Latest Novel.

British author A.S. Byatt. Byatt is known by many Americans for "Possession," a Booker Prize-winning Victorian novel published here in 1990. Her new novel, "Babel Tower," is just hitting the bookstores (Random House). Set in the turbulent 1960s, the book is about Frederica, a young woman involved in a divorce and custody suit, as well as the prosecution of an "obscene" book. "Babel Tower" is the third book in a planned quartet of novels ("The Virgin in the Garden" and "Still Life") set in different mid-century time frames.


English Writer A.S. Byatt.

British writer A.S. Byatt. Her book, "Possession," has become a bestseller. It's a literary mystery about a couple of scholars whose own lives begin to mirror the lives of two 17th century poets whose secret correspondence they are researching. (Interview by Marty Moss-Coane)


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