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An old portrait of Philip Roth hovers semi-transparent over a shelf full of books

Philip Roth

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Philip Roth: On Writing, Aging And 'Nemesis.'

Roth, who has been writing novels for more than a half-century, explains how he comes up with his ideas — and why he continues to write every day. In his latest work, Nemesis, he imagines a fictional polio outbreak set in his hometown of Newark, N.J., during the 1940s.


Commemorating Philip Roth's 75th Birthday

On Friday, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Philip Roth is being honored at Columbia University in commemoration of his 75th birthday. The National Book Foundation is celebrating the event with an online exhibit of Roth's work. Roth, a frequent guest on Fresh Air, talks with Terry Gross about his celebrated career.

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Philip Roth's "Patrimony"

Book critic John Leonard reviews the new family memoir by the prolific novelist. He says it features many of the same themes found in Roth's fiction, like an obsession with memory, and one usually absent: love.


Philip Roth Writes the "Facts" of His Life

Book critic John Leonard reviews Roth's new autobiography, which includes imagined critiques of the author by some of his recurring characters. Leonard says it's an interesting but tiresome exploration of Roth's neuroses and thematic predilections.

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