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Peter D Kramer

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'Against Depression' Urges Ending a Disease

Peter D. Kramer's new book is Against Depression. In it, the author of Listening to Prozac puts forth an understanding of depression as a modern scourge. Kramer argues that depression should be considered a disease — and treated as such. Kramer is a clinical professor of psychiatry at Brown University.


Autonomy and Intimacy in Romantic Relationships.

Psychiatrist and author Peter Kramer. His book, "Listening to Prozac" was a bestseller. His new book is about relationships: "Should You Leave?: A Psychiatrist Explores Intimacy and Autonomy -and the Nature of Advice" (Scribner) Kramer is an associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Brown University and writes a monthly column for Psychiatric Times.


How Psychiatric Drugs Affect Personality

Psychiatrist Peter D. Kramer wrote "Listening to Prozac," an examination of the larger issues behind drugs that reshape temperament. Prozac is the most widely prescribed antidepressant today, with some four and a half million users since its introduction in 1987. Kramer raises serious questions about this "miracle mood enhancer": are we headed into an age of cosmetic pharmacology?


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