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Peter Coyote

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Peter Coyote Discusses His Life in the Counterculture of the 60s and 70s.

Actor Peter Coyote. He's written a memoir, "Sleeping Where I Fall" (Counterpoint) about the his experiences during the sixties and seventies. The son of an East Coast stockbroker, Coyote was part of the political street theatre, the San Francisco Mime Troupe. Later Coyote lived the communal life, experimenting with sex, drugs, and heady ideals. Coyote has performed in more than 50 films including, "Bitter Moon," "E.T.," "Jagged Edge, "Outrageous Fortune" and the new film "Sphere."


Street Actor Peter Coyote's Move to Motion Pictures

Coyote was a member of the Digger, a San Francisco-based guerrilla theater collective. After a brief stint as a stockbroker, he's now a movie actor, appearing in Jagged Edge, E.T., and Outrageous Fortune. He wrote the introduction to a new edition of Emmett Grogan's autobiography, Ringolevio, about the 1960s counterculture.


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