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Pauline Kael

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Pauline Kael Retires.

Film critic Pauline Kael talk to us from her house in Massachusetts. Kael spent years reviewing movies for The New Yorker. Her final collection of New Yorker reviews has just been published. It's called "Movie Love: Complete Reviews 1988-1991. (It's published by William Abrahams).


New Yorker Film Critic Says, "Good Movies Never Make You Feel Virtuous"

Every three years or so, a collection of Pauline Kael's movie reviews are collected into a book. Her forthcoming anthology is called Hooked. Kael believes film once served as a kind of common culture, and bemoans the fragmentation of movie audiences. She joins Fresh Air to talk about the state of the film industry and the changing tastes and expectations of audiences.


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William Whitworth

Film critic Pauline Kael died yesterday at the age of 82. We will talk with her former editor William Whitworth. He was her editor at the New Yorker from 1975 to 1980. He also former editor of the Atlantic Monthly, and currently Editor Emeritus of the Atlantic.


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