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Paul Tsongas

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Remembering Former Senator and Presidential Candidate Paul Tsongas

Tsongas died Saturday at the age of 55 from complications of lymph cancer. He ran his presidential campaign in 1992 on the issue of the economy, offering tough solutions to the nation's economic problems. During the campaign his cancer (which was in remission) was an issue. His book "Heading Home" was about his fight with cancer. He also wrote the book "Economic Call to Arms" which was published by his presidential campaign. (REBROADCAST from 6/19/92)


Liberalism's "Road from Here"

Democratic senator Paul Tsonga argues that political liberalism has become untenable, particularly with regard to domestic economic policies. He argues for what he dubs "compassionate realism" as a guiding principle for the United States. Fresh Air listeners call in with their questions.


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