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Paul Auster

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Paul Auster Meditates On Life, Death And Near Misses.

The author's new memoir, Winter Journal, is a history of his body — scars, panic attacks and near-death experiences. He tells Fresh Air how he got a reputation as a dirty fighter, why he doesn't drive and how hard it was to see his mother's dead body.


Writer Siri Hustvedt, 'The Shaking Woman'

After Hustvedt suffered several unexplainable seizure-like episodes that defied medical diagnoses, she decided to chart her experiences -- and the murky intersection between mind, brain and body -- in a new book, The Shaking Woman or A History of My Nerves.


Author Paul Auster

His new book is Oracle Night. Auster is the author of 11 novels, three screenplays, five books of poetry and seven works of nonfiction. His recent works include the best selling novels The Book of Illusions and Timbuktu, and he also edited the NPR National Story Project anthology I Thought My Father Was God.

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