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Patrick McGrath

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Patrick McGrath Updates the Gothic Novel

The British horror writer has moved away from macabre imagery and now explores psychological terror in his novels. His latest book, Spider, is an account of schizophrenia. He joins Fresh Air to discuss his influences, and to read from his new work.


An Author Find Horror in Decay

Writer Patrick McGrath grew up near England's Broadmoor mental hospital, where his father worked. He is now a horror writer. His collection of short fiction is called Blood and Water and Other Tales. A novel is forthcoming.


The Modern Day Poe Joins Fresh Air.

Horror writer Patrick McGrath. McGrath has been described as "a Poe for the 80's," a postmodern-gothic storyteller. His new collection of short stories is titled Blood and Water and Other Tales. Horror writing is a genre that comes easily to McGrath, who grew up on the grounds of an English asylum for the criminally insane.


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