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Mel Tormé

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Remembering Mel Torme.

Singer Mel Torme died Saturday at age 73 of complications from a stroke. We'll hear an interview Terry Gross did with Mel in 1988. For more than 50 years, Torme was one of most accomplished and versatile pop and jazz singers. Known for years as "The Velvet Fog," Born Melvin Howard Torme to Russian-Jewish immigrants in Chicago on Sept. 13, 1925, Torme first made his reputation in the Big Band era as a songwriter, arranger, drummer and singer. He later sang in MGM musicals.


Mel Torme Says, "It Wasn't All Velvet"

The legendary singer started performing when he was four, and became a traveling musician as a teenager. He has a new autobiography, as a well as an album called Reunion. He joins Fresh Air to talk about his decades-long singing and songwriting career.


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