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Filmmaker Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese

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Martin Scorsese Talks about His Mother's "Family Cookbook"

Shortly before her death, the film director's mother Catherine Scorsese published a cookbook of recipes called "Italianamerican: The Scorsese Family Cookbook." Catherine acted in, and cooked in (on and off-screen) for several of her son's movies. Martin Scorsese will talk about casting his mother in his films and about the new book.


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Scorsese Does Dylan: 'No Direction'

Rock critic Ken Tucker reviews the new three-and-a-half-hour documentary about Bob Dylan called No Direction Home by director Martin Scorsese. It's available on a two-disc DVD and will be shown on PBS as part of the American Masters series.


Two Movie Islands, One Worth Visiting.

The new releases Shutter Islandand The Ghost Writer both take places on islands off the coast of the Eastern seaboard. Critic David Edelstein explains how the two movies, made by Martin Scorsese and Roman Polanski respectively, are a study in contrasts — in directors, plot, and mood.


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