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Laurent de Brunhoff

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We Remember Cecile de Brunhoff

We remember Cecile de Brunhoff, who died April 7 at the age of 99. It was the bedtime story she made up and told her sons in 1930 that became the basis for the world-famous Babar the Elephant stories. Her husband, Laurent de Brunhoff, wrote down the story and provided the illustrations. Terry talked with their son, author and illustrator Laurent de Brunhoff, who followed in his father's footsteps, and has written and drawn the continuing adventures of Babar the Elephant for the past 40 years. This interview first aired Feb. 28, 1990.


Laurent de Brunhoff on Continuing the "Babar" Series.

Author and illustrator Laurent de Brunhoff (with a silent "h"). He's followed his father's footsteps, and for the past 40 years has written and drawn the continuing adventures of Babar the Elephant. There are now 36 Babar kids books, in 17 languages, as well as a movie and TV shows. (by the way, it's bah-BAHR, or BAA-bahr, but NEVER BAY-bahr!!!).

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