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Larry Josephson

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Remembering alternative radio pioneer Larry Josephson

Josephson, who died July 27, started out in 1966 as the host of a free-form morning show on WBAI in New York He later hosted shows and told jokes on many public radio stations.


Larry Josephson of "Modern Times" Speaks with Lenny Bruce's Mother.

We hear an excerpt of an interview with Lenny Bruce's mother, Sally Marr. The interview was conducted in 1989 by radio producer Larry Josephson for his program "Modern Times." (Josephson's radio documentary "Lenny Bruce Remembered" can be ordered by calling, 1-800-528-4424, or writing Radioart, Box 2000 GPO, New York, N.Y. 10116. The cost is $30 for 2 tapes. The documentary is 4 hours long).

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