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Josef Škvorecký

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Czech Author and Publisher Josef Skovercky

Skovercky and his wife immigrated to Canada and started a Czech-language publishing house, 68 Publishers, which put out the works of Czechoslovak authors who were banned in their homeland -- including Skovercky's own novels. In light of improving conditions in his home country, Skovercky will soon be shutting down his publishing house.


Publishing Banned Books.

Czechoslovakian writer and publisher Josef Skvorecky (shkor-et-skee). Since fleeing Czechoslovakia in 1968, Skvorecky and his wife have lived in Toronto, where they run "68 Publishers," an outlet for dissident writers. For years, the output of his publishing house has been smuggled into his former homeland, and secretly passed from hand-to hand, keeping alive the voices of Czech writers such as Vaclav Havel and Milan Kundera.


Josef Skvorecky

Czech-born novelist JOSEF SKVORECKY. His parents fled the Nazis, and he fled the Soviets when they invaded Czechoslovkia. His first novel, The Cowards was banned in Czechoslovkia and since then he and his wife have run a publishing firm that brings out the works of other Czech writers who have also been banned. His best known books are Dvorak in Love, The Engineer of Human Souls and The Bass Saxophone. He's also written mysteries, the latest is Sins For Father Knox. His stories blend elements of memoir, politics and his love of music. Since 1969 he has lived in Toronto.


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