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John Spencer

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For John Spencer, McGarry Character Paralleled Life

The late actor John Spencer was best known for his character Leo McGarry, the president's chief of staff, on The West Wing. Spencer's and McGarry's lives ran parallel: Both were recovering alcoholics and both had driven personalities. McGarry suffered a heart attack on the show, and Spencer died of a heart attack. Spencer was previously a regular on "L.A. Law" and began his career on "The Patty Duke Show." This interview originally aired on April 5, 2000.


John Spencer, an Actor's Actor

The actor died on Dec. 16, 2005, at age 58. We replay an interview from April 2000. Spencer is best known for his character Leo McGarry, the president's chief of staff, on the popular NBC series The West Wing.


From the Archives: Actor John Spencer.

Actor John Spencer. He plays Leo McGarry, the Chief of Staff to the President in the tv series "The West Wing." The show won the coveted Peabody Award in its first season. This week it began it’s second season. The show is set in the Whitehouse, and concerning a fictional democratic President and his staff. In the first season of the show, Spencer's character has had to deal with his former alcoholism becoming a matter of public scrutiny. Spencer previously was a regular on "L.A.

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