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'Nightline' Host Ted Koppel

Koppel talks about politics, the media and covering the 2004 presidential election. Koppel is the author of the book Nightline: History in the Making and the Making of Television.


'Philadelphia Inquirer' Endorses Kerry over 21 Days

The 'Philadelphia Inquirer' is running a 21-day endorsement of Sen. John Kerry, outlining 21 reasons why voters should elect him president. Editorial page editor Chris Satullo and commentary page editor John Timpane talk about the endorsement. On the paper's op-ed page, they've invited guest commentators to write about the reasons why voters should elect Bush instead.


Former Presidential Candidate Howard Dean

The former Vermont governor rose to national prominence as a democratic presidential candidate during the 2004 primaries. He has a new book called You Have the Power: How to Take Back Our Country and Restore Democracy in America.


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