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Joe Kane

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Joe Kane Discusses His Experiences with the Huaorani People.

Writer Joe Kane talks about his new book Savages (Knopf 1995) It’s his first hand account on the confrontations between Amazonian warriors and multi-national oil companies, environmentalists and missionaries. Kane writes about the Huaorani tribe’s fight for its culture and environment. Kane’s earlier book Running the Amazon was a 1989 New York Times best-seller. (Interview by Marty Moss-Coane).


Joe Kane Discusses "Running the Amazon."

Writer Joe Kane. In 1985, Kane, who had been a freelance writer living in San Francisco, was asked to follow the first attempt to navigate the entire Amazon River, starting in the Andes of Peru and ending in the Atlantic Ocean. Kane was going to follow the group at intervals, publicizing their progress for the American and European press.


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