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Jerry Orbach

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Fresh Air: Celebrating Law & Order's 20 Years

Last week NBC announced it would be canceling the venerable series, which tied with Gunsmoke this year as the longest-running prime-time drama on network television. Fresh Air pays tribute to the crime procedural by running interview with series creator Dick Wolf, actor Jerry Orbach and actress S. Epatha Merkerson.


Jerry Orbach Had Storied Career on Stage, Screen

Actor Jerry Orbach, best known for his long-running role as Lennie Briscoe on TV's Law and Order, died Tuesday at age 69. Orbach also enjoyed a successful Broadway career, winning a Tony for his role in Promises, Promises, and appeared in films such as Crimes and Misdemeanors and Dirty Dancing. We listen to a Nov. 21, 1989, interview with Orbach.


Jerry Orbach Discusses His Role in Woody Allen's New Film.

Actor Jerry Orbach. Orbach has had a long career on Broadway, starring in shows such as "The Three Penny Opera," "Promises, Promises," and "42nd Street." More recently he's appeared on TV and in films. His latest role is in the new Woody Allen movie, "Crimes and Misdemeanors."

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