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Jehane Noujaim

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Documentary Filmmaker Jehane Noujaim

She co-directed the new film, Control Room, a behind-the-scenes look at Al Jezeera, the popular and controversial Arab news channel. The footage was shot before and during the Iraq war last year. The critically acclaimed film has been making the film festival circuit. It opens at the film forum in New York City on Friday, May 21. Also, hear Al Jazeera producer Samir Khader.


Documentary filmmakers Chris Hegedus & Jehane Noujaim

Documentary filmmakers Chris Hegedus & Jehane Noujaim. Their new film is a Cinema Verite look at the rise and fall of an internet startup company. The film premiered at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival and is now opening in theaters. Hegedus has been making documentaries with veteran filmmaker D.A. Pennebaker for over 20 years. Their films include, The War Room, which chronicles Bill Clintons presidential campaign. is Jehane Noujaims first feature film.

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Three Protesters, One 'Square': Film Goes Inside Egypt's Revolution.

As we approach the third anniversary of the demonstrations in Egypt, Fresh Air critic John Powers reviews a documentary that captures the story of Cairo's Tahrir Square. He says the film "is less a final reckoning than an exciting bulletin from the front lines of an unfinished revolution."


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