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James Moody

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Jazz Saxophonist James Moody

Moody's new CD, "Young At Heart" is a collection of Frank Sinatra tunes. Just after World War II, Moody joined the bebop big band of Dizzy Gillespie and played with Milt Jackson. His most famous recording is of an improvisatory piece he performed in 1949, now known as "Moody's Mood For Love." In the new CD, Moody performs as vocalist, tenor/alto/soprano saxist and flutist. He talks about his career and how his hearing problems have affected his career.


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Moody And Jones' Jazz Reunion Is A 'Delight'

On their first recording together in more than 50 years, saxophonist James Moody and pianist Hank Jones show that the elder statesmen of jazz can still play beautifully. Our Delight displays the golden virtues of jazz with warmth and grace.


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