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Guy Klucevsek

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Accordionist Guy Klucevsek

The musician and composer will perform from his repertoire of avant garde polkas. He's played with the Brooklyn Philharmonic, the Kronos Quartet, has headlined the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Next Wave Series, and recorded several albums.


Surprising New Directions in Polka

Accordionist and composer Guy Klucevsek joins Fresh Air to perform a solo arrangement of a new work, and to play a recording of a recent musical collaboration. He's slated to perform at the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Next Wave Festival.


Guy Klucevsek Stops By With His Accordion for an Interview.

Avant-garde accordionist and composer Guy Klucevsek. Klucevsek grew up in western Pennsylvania, where polkas were a poplar musical form. Klucevsek has since developed an alternative polka style, best exemplified in his work on `"Polka From the Fringe," 23 three-minute polkas composed by a variety of experimental artists.


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