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Gérald L Posner

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Gerald Posner Chronicles the Life of "Citizen Perot"

Posner has just written a biography about the founder of the Reform Party, Ross Perot, called "Citizen Perot: His Life & Times." This month, the party will hold two conventions to decide who will be their candidate for President. Perot is expected to win the nomination. Posner's book is the result of two years of research--including exclusive access to Perot himself. It explores how Perot made his billions, influenced Presidents, rescued his employees from Iran, and much more about the life of this eccentric and controversial business man and politician.


Chinese Crime Syndicates Bolster the Heroin Trade

Organized crime groups in China, called triads, have become some of the biggest forces in the international heroin trade. Writer Gerald Posner links their rise to the power vacuum left by the Sicilian mafia, as well as the policing policies of Chinatowns throughout the U.S. Posner's book about the subject is called Warlords of Crime.


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