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George Foreman

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Former two-time Heavyweight Champion of the World George Foreman

Former two-time Heavyweight Champion of the World George Foreman. In 1974 in what was called the "Rumble in the Jungle" he took on Muhammad Ali in Zaire for the World Heavyweight title. He entered the fight as a better than 3-1 favorite, but in a humiliating upset for Foreman, Ali won and became World Heavyweight Champion. In 1995 Foreman wrote his autobiography: By George: The Autobiography of George Foreman (Villard Books) written with Joel Engel. Foreman staged a comeback in 1994 when he beat Michael Moorer to regain the title.


Heavyweight Champion George Foreman on What Boxing Taught Him

Foreman is presently a preacher, community leader and dedicated child advocate. On February 14th, the documentary "When We Were Kings" opens. It's about the fight in Zaire in 1974 when Foreman lost the world title to Muhammad Ali. In 1995 Forman wrote his autobiography, By George, co-authored by Joel Engel. (REBROADCAST from 6/7/95)

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