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George Anastasia

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Reporter George Anastasia

Reporter George Anastasia has been covering the Philadelphia mob scene for the Philadelphia Inquirer for 15 years. Hell discuss the recent trial of reputed mob boss Joseph 'Skinny Joey' Merlino and his associates, which just wrapped up last week. The jury acquitted Merlino and his associates of the serious charges of murder, attempted murder, and drug trafficking, but convicted them of racketeering. During the 15 week trial, 90 witnesses took the stand and 943 evidentiary exhibits were introduced.


George Anastasia on the Next Generation of Mobsters

Anastasia is a reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer. His beat is the Mafia; most recently he's been covering the Robert Simone trial where the prosecution rested its case today. Simone was attorney for Philadelphia mob boss Nicky Scarfo and has been accused of crime activity, attempted extortion and participating in discussions of murder. Simone was turned in by a government informant.


The Fall of the Scarfo Family.

Terry talks by phone to Nick Caramandi, a made man in the mafia who turned witness for the government, while in the studio, Philadelphia Inquirer organized crime reporter George Anastasia will join Terry to talk about the life of the Philadelphia mobster. Anastasia has just written a book about the Philadelphia Mafia called "Blood and Honor: Inside the Scarfo Mob - The Mafia's Most Violent Family" (Morrow). Caramandi was a major player in Scarfo's organization before going into hiding under the Federal Witness Protection Program.

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