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Geoffrey Wolff

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Novelist and Memoirist Geoffrey Wolff on Fathers and Brothers

Geoffrey Wolff's books include "The Final Club," "Providence," and a collection of essays, "A Day at the Beach." His book "The Duke of Deception" is about his father, who was a con-man who lied about his background, wrote bad checks, and later had a nervous breakdown and went to jail. His brother, novelist Tobias Wolff, has also written about their father. This interview was first broadcast in 1990. (Rebroadcast)


Writer Geoffrey Wolff.

Writer Geoffrey Wolff. His new collection of essays, "A Day At The Beach" (Alfred A. Knopf), is about the worst vacation ever. It started with over-priced dinners and ended in open heart surgery. Wolff is best known for his book "The Duke of Deception," a memoir about being the son of a con man.


Novelist and Memoirist Geoffrey Wolff on Fathers and Brothers

Wolff's new book, The Final Club, is about Princeton students in the late 1950's. His memoir, The Duke of Deception, was about his father, who conned his way through his life and career. Wolff's brother is writer Tobias Wolff, who has his own childhood memoir, This Boy's Life.

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