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Geoff Muldaur

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Singer-songwriter Geoff Muldaur performs jazz and blues from the '20s and '30s

Muldaur's new double CD, His Last Letter, traces the musical influences of his life, and is arranged for, and performed with, Dutch chamber musicians. Originally broadcast December 2009.


'Texas Sheik' Mixes Old Sounds With New Style.

Emmy Award-winning musician Geoff Muldaur has collaborated with artists from Jerry Garcia to Bonnie Raitt. His latest album with his band the Texas Sheiks draws on his jazz and blues background. He shares more from his past -- as well as a few tunes -- in the Fresh Air studio.


Geoff Muldaur Takes Texas Sheiks On The Road.

For decades, singer songwriter Geoff Muldaur has been reinterpreting blues and jazz of the '20s and '30s. Today, we'll play some of the tracks from Muldaur's new album, Texas Sheiks, and he'll perform some songs live. Muldaur's band, also called Texas Sheiks, is currently on tour.


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