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Frederick C Cuny

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From the Archives: Disaster Relief Expert Fred Cuny.

Fred Cuny is an American relief worker who is believed to have been killed this year in Chechnya. He was there assessing the Chechen needs in an effort to one day help rebuild the ruined cities. Russian troops have battled Chechen fighters since late last year to quell the Chechen move towards independence. Cuny was the founder and president of the Intertect Relief and Reconstruction Corporation, which is based in Dallas. His work has taken him to Somalia, Northern Iraq, the Sudan, Nicaragua, Mexico, Biafra and other places where there is war, famine or natural disaster.


1993 Retrospective: Rebuilding in Sarajevo.

Disaster relief expert Fred Cuny. Since January he's been in Sarajevo, implementing new water and gas systems. A former professor of engineering and public affairs, Cuny is hired by governments and agencies to coordinate responses to floods, famines, cyclones, earthquakes. He says, "Disasters are a function of underdevelopment" and he finds much humanitarian aid and relief satisfies the needs of the donor before it helps the recipient. Cuny was a Senior advisor to the US government on the Somalia famine in 1992.

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