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Eugene Levy

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'The Man': Actor and Comic Eugene Levy

The new comedy The Man stars actor and comic Eugene Levy. He's appeared in numerous movies, including memorable roles in Splash, Bringing Down the House, Best in Show, A Mighty Wind and the American Pie movies.


Actor Eugene Levy

He was one of the founding members of Second City. He played Earl Camembert and Stan Schmenge, among others, on SCTV. He went on to a film career that includes Father of the Bride, the American Pie series and Best in Show. His upcoming film is The Man. This interview originally aired on April 14, 1988.


The Enigma of Eugene Levy.

Comic actor Eugene Levy. Levy is best known for his many roles - Sid Dithers, the Schmenge Brothers, Bobby Bittman - on the popular SCTV comedy series, which grew out of the Second City comedy troupe in Toronto. Bobby Bittman, is the subject of an upcoming comedy special on Cinemax.

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