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Erik Larson

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The Rise of Guns and Gun Deaths in the United States

Journalist Erik Larson's article, "The Story of a Gun," is the cover story on this month's issue of "The Atlantic." It tells the tale of what happens with a gun, beginning with the maker, to the dealer, and to the murderer who uses it. Larson claims there is a de facto conspiracy of gun dealers, gun manufacturers, and federal regulators, "which makes guns all too easy to come by and virtually assures their eventual use in the bedrooms, alleys, and school yards of America."


How Companies Use Personal Information for Direct Marketing

Wall Street Journal correspondent Erik Larson is interested in how companies know the intimate details of our lives. His new book, The Naked Consumer, is an investigation into direct marketing techniques--how corporations collect the vast network of data they use to market their products.


The Rise and Role of Political Polls

From the Wall Street Journal, Erik Larson. He'll talk with guest host Marty Moss-Coane about the problems with polls, which have become ubiquitous during this election season. He says things like a questioner's personality, the questions asked, and the "passion index," can all affect results.


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