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Eddy L Harris

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Writer Eddy L. Harris.

Writer Eddy L. Harris. Like many African Americans, Harris felt a kinship to the continent of his ancestors. He went to Africa, traveled throughout the continent, and came away feeling disillusioned and feeling that he was not an African at heart after all. He's written about his journey in the new book, "Native Stranger" (published by Simon and Schuster). Harris' earlier book was the critically acclaimed "Mississippi Solo."


Eddy L. Harris Canoes Down the Mississippi.

Journalist Eddy L. Harris. Harris' book, "Mississippi Solo," is Harris' chronicle of his 23-hundred mile journey down the Mississippi by canoe. This was by no means an idyllic voyage for a black man traveling alone, and Harris faced racism and the threat of violence, in addition to the normal problems of such a lengthy journey. (Interview by Sedge Thomson)


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