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Ed Helms: In Scranton Or 'Cedar Rapids,' He's Plucky

Ed Helms plays a paper pusher on The Office and an insurance salesman in the new comedy Cedar Rapids — but on Thursday's Fresh Air, he plays the banjo. With his band The Lonesome Trio, he joins Terry Gross for an in-studio performance and a chat about his latest film.


Nervous And Nerdy, From 'Office' To Silver Screen.

Comedian Ed Helms came to attention of the comedy world as a correspondent on The Daily Show. Helms is now a regular on NBC's The Office and starred in the recent film The Hangover, which is now out of DVD.

This interview was originally broadcast June 9, 2009.


Ed Helms: An 'Office' Drone Takes To The Big Screen

Actor Ed Helms, co-star of the new film The Hangover, studied improvisation with The Upright Citizens Brigade and got his start in comedy with numerous sketch comedy groups. He currently plays Andy Bernard, the salesman who loves a cappella, on the NBC comedy series The Office.

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