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Actress Doris Day smiles with her head resting in hear hands against a yellow backdrop

Doris Day

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Doris Day: A Hollywood Legend Reflects On Life.

Day started singing and dancing when she was a teenager, and made her first film at 24. After nearly 40 movies, she walked away from that part of her life in 1968, and started rescuing and caring for animals. Here, she speaks to Terry Gross in a lengthy interview about her career in film and music.


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Nellie McKay's 'Blueberry Pie,' A Tribute to Doris Day

McKay's Normal as Blueberry Pie is "eccentric yet utterly disarming," says rock critic Ken Tucker. McKay's admiration for Doris Day isn't really a surprise — both artists are cheerful and underrated — and on this album the two seem like "sisters in bright-eyed intelligence."


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