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Don Was

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An Homage to a Pop Music Genius.

Record producer and musician Don Was. He co-founded the funk rock group, "Was (Not) Was." This year he won a Grammy for Producer of the Year. In addition, he's produced a number of albums for Bonnie Raitt (Was produced Raitt's "Nick of Time" album which revived her career), Rolling Stones, Lyle Lovett, Al Green, Iggy Pop, and the B-52's. He's ventured into documentary film production with "I Just Wasn't Made for These Times," about ex-Beachboy Brian Wilson. Was directed the film.


Musician and Record Producer Don Was

Was is half of the rock group Was (Not Was). They have a new album called Are You Okay?. Was, who is white, has also become an in-demand producer who is heavily influenced by black music. He helped make Bonnie Raitt's comeback album, Nick of Time.


Was and Was of Was (Not Was)

The songwriting team of David and Don Was comprise the dance rock band Was (Not Was). The brothers arrange and perform the songs, but feature a rotating lineup of vocalists to sing them. Their newest album is called What Up, Dog.


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