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Don DeLillo

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Don DeLillo Discusses "Underworld."

Author Don DeLillo on his new novel "Underworld." (Scribner) This 827-page work weaves in and out of the latter half of this century, incorporating modern icons such as Frank Sinatra, Lenny Bruce, and J. Edgar Hoover. The novel's first scene visits the Giant-Dodgers pennant game of October 3rd, 1951 -- also the date of the first nuclear test in the Soviet Union.


Writers Fund Raise for Sarajevo.

Readings from the PEN American Center's benefit for Bosnian Writers, "An Evening For Sarajevo", held last night in New York City. Fifteen American writers read from their work to raise money for the writers of Sarajevo for food and supplies; writers in the besieged city are fighting to keep their literary culture vital and undiminished in a time of war.


"Seven Seconds that Broke the Back of the Century"

Novellist Don DeLillo doesn't like talking about his novels; but he says there's much to discuss about his newest book Libra, based on the assassination of John F. Kennedy. DeLillo sought to fill in the gaps of that story, including what motivated gunman Lee Harvey Oswald.


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