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David Margolick

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Behind the Scenes of Bush v. Gore

David Margolick, contributing editor at Vanity Fair, co-authored the investigative article in the October issue of the magazine, "The Path to Florida: What Really Happened in the 2000 Election. And What's Going On Right Now." For the article, Margolick talked to some of the Supreme Court law clerks working at the time of the decision in the 2000 presidential election.


The Story Behind the Writing of "Strange Fruit."

Contributing editor for Vanity Fair David Margolick. In his new book “Strange Fruit: Billie Holiday, Café Society, and an Early Cry for Civil Rights” (Running Press), Margolick traces the history and impact of the song “Strange Fruit,” a ballad about lynchings which became Billie Holiday’s signature song. It was written by a Jewish school teacher who was inspired to write the song after seeing a newspaper photograph of a lynching.


Legal Commentator David Margolick on Covering the O.J. Simpson Trial

Margolick is the former author of the New York Times "At The Bar" column. He was recently promoted from the national legal affairs correspondent to San Francisco bureau chief for the New York Times. Margolick is presently covering the O.J. Simpson trial for the Times. His legal columns have been collected into a new book, At the Bar: The Passions and Peccadilloes of American Lawyers.


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