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Dave Brubeck

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Dave Brubeck Looks Back on His Career.

Jazz pianist/composer Dave Brubeck. He turns 80 next year and has been recording for 50 years. There are several new collections of his work: "The Dave Brubeck Collection" (Columbia/Legacy) which reissues five of his classic out-of-print LPs, and "Dave Brubeck: Time Signature: A Career Retrospective"


Jazz Piano Player Dave Brubeck

Dave Brubeck's quartet released the groundbreaking record Time Out, which introduced odd-time signature jazz music to a mainstream audience. He was recently commissioned to compose a Catholic mass.


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Cellist Matt Brubeck Makes Henry Mancini Anything but Easy Listening

Born in Connecticut, Brubeck is the son of jazz pianist Dave Brubeck. He's been involved in classical music since college at Yale, and is a member of the Berkeley Symphony. In addition, he performs jazz both locally and internationally, composes for Club Foot Orchestra and leads the group Oranj Symphonette. Their debut album is"Oranj Symphonette Plays Mancini," which features original interpretations of the easy listening music of Henry Mancini.


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