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Danny Rubinstein

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Israeli Journalist Danny Rubenstein.

A talk about the Israeli/Palestinian crisis, and the history leading up to it with two journalists: first, Danny Rubinstein (“steen”), columnist and member of the editorial board of the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz. We talk with a Jordanian journalist in the second half of the show.


Arafat's Carefully Constructed Image.

Award-winning Israeli journalist Danny Rubinstein. He has a new book called The Mystery of Arafat (Steerforth Press) which looks into the image of the P-L-O leader, Yasser Arafat. Rubinstein is a columnist for the Hebrew daily Ha'aretz and has been writing on Palestinian issues since 1967. He is also the author of the book The People of Nowhere. Rubinstein presently lives in Jerusalem where he teaches in the department of Middle East History at Ben-Gurion University.


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