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Curtis Mayfield

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Soul Musician Curtis Mayfield Looks Back on His Career

Mayfield has been called "the thinking man's soul man." He's known for his floating falsetto voice, gospel sound, and social commentary. He was with the group, "The Impressions" for 12 years recording such classics as "Gypsy Woman," "I'm so Proud," and "People Get Ready." His score for "Superfly," was considered a musical breakthrough, and has inspired many of today's hip-hop performers.


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Curtis Mayfield Secures His Place in Soul Music

Ed Ward concludes his two-part history of the politically-minded singer and songwriter. Mayfield was recruited by Columbia Records so that label could compete with Motown. After a few career missteps with other labels, Mayfield scored two hits from his soundtrack the film Superfly.


A Curtis Mayfield Retrospective

Rock historian Ed Ward begins a two-part profile of the influential singer, songwriter, and guitar player. Mayfield was recently injured during a performance, and is now paralyzed.


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