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Colin Firth

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Colin Firth: By Anyone's Measure, A Leading Man.

Yesterday Colin Firth received a Best Actor nomination for his starring role in A Single Man, the Tom Ford adaptation of Christopher Isherwood's 1964 novel. Today Firth talks to Terry Gross about playing professor George Falconer, a gay professor navigating Southern California in 1962.


British actor Colin Firth

Actor Colin Firth. Up until now, he was probably best known for his role as Mr Darcy in the BBC/A&E production of Pride & Prejudice. The film turned him into a heart-throb. He stars in the new film Bridget Jones's Diary based on the book of the same name which borrows from the storyline of Pride & Prejudice. He plays hate/love-interest Mark Darcy. His other films include Valmont, Another Country, The English Patient, Shakespeare in Love, and Fever Pitch. Firth shows off his writing in the new book edited by Nick Hornby, Speaking with the Angel. (Riverhead Books).


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