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Christopher Giannou

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The Campaign Against Anti-Personnel Land Mines.

Surgeon for the International Committee of the Red Cross Chris Giannou. For almost 15 years he has been a surgeon in war torn parts of the world in Burundi, Somalia, and in a Palestinian Refugee Camp. As such he has seen the devastation on human beings from land mines Giannou is currently leading the Red Cross's campaign for a ban on anti-personnel land mines worldwide, which kill or injure hundreds of civilians each week. (Giannou has been on the show a number of times.


War Surgeon Dr. Chris Giannou Discusses the Situation in Burundi.

War surgeon Dr. Chris Giannou, who recently worked through the devastating civil war in the East African country of Burundi. In the ensuing ethnic and political conflict between the Hutu and the Tutsi peoples there, at least two hundred thousand people were been killed, oftentimes not with guns, but with machete knives and spears. Giannou has spent over 12 years working in the world's hotspots: Somalia, Lebanon, Cambodia.


A War Surgeon on Practicing Medicine While Under Attack

One of the most respected war surgeons, Dr. Chris Giannou. He was director of surgical operations in Somalia with the International Committee for the Red Cross from February '92 until January '93. He helped set up field hospitals, and taught and performed war surgery. Before that, Giannou spent over two years in a Palestinian Refugee Camp, which was under constant siege. Giannou wrote a book about it, called "Besieged: A Doctor's Story of Life and Death in Beirut."

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