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Bonnie Raitt

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Bonnie Raitt Shares Her Blues Inspirations.

Singer/songwriter Bonnie Raitt. Her newest release is her first live album, "Road Tested," (Capitol). It's been nominated for a Grammy. But today, Raitt is on Fresh Air to talk about the musicians and performers that inspired her. She'll play recordings by such blues artists as B.B. King, Mississippi Fred McDowell, and Sippie Wallace. Raitt recorded one of McDowell's songs on her new album.


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Broadway Singer John Raitt.

Broadway singer John Raitt. He's the father of singer Bonnie Raitt. The two have collaborated on a new album of show tunes, "The Broadway Legend," (Angel). Raitt made his Broadway debut as Billy Bigelow in the original production of "Carousel." He also was in the original Broadway cast and film of "The Pajama Game." He's performed in many other musicals including "Oklahoma," and "South Pacific."


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