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Bill Plympton

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Animator Bill Plympton and His "Strange" Imagination

Plympton's work can be seen on MTV has a new feature length film, "I Married a Strange Person." Unlike computer animators, Plympton draws every frame of his films by hand. Each feature length film has 30-thousand individual drawings. Simpson's creator Matt Groening calls Plympton a God. The American Museum of the Moving Image in New York presented a retrospective of his work this month.


Bill Plympton Discusses his "Surreal Gags."

Cartoonist and Animator Bill Plympton. His work combines the humorous and the grotesque. Most recently his "Plymptoons" have been showing on MTV. His award-winning animated cartoons, "25 Ways to Quit Smoking," "How to Kiss," "Your Face," and "Drawing Lesson," have appeared in numerous animated film festivals. Before he took up animation, Plympton's political cartoon strip was syndicated in 25 newspapers. His other illustrations and cartoons have been featured in Harpers, Rolling Stone, Newsweek, The New York Times, and others.


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