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A portrait of actor B.D. Wong with a bookshelf behind him

B.D Wong

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Actor B.D. Wong

He starred on Broadway in M Butterfly, and in the TV series Law & Order: SVU and HBO's Oz. He's the author of the new book Following Foo (the electronic adventures of the Chestnut Man). It's about the premature birth of his twin sons in August 2000. The twins suffered a rare medical disorder. One of them died shortly after birth, and the other twin, Jackson Foo, was in neonatal intensive care for three months. At the time Wong began an e-mail correspondence with family and friends on Jackson Foo's progress.

A portrait of actor B.D. Wong with a bookshelf behind him

Actor B. D. Wong.

B.D. Wong won a Tony award for his performance in the title role of "M. Butterfly." He played a man posing as a woman. Now, he's taking on another challenge: in the new one-man musical "Herringbone," which opened last week at the American Music Theater Festival in Philadelphia, he plays eleven characters, including a eight-year-old boy, his parents, his grandmother, his dance teacher, and a tap-dancing midget nicknamed Lou the Frog. (Interview by Marty Moss-Coane)


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