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Anthony Davis

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Anthony Davis on Using European Forms to Tell the Story of Malcolm X

Composer Anthony Davis's opera "X" based on the life of Malcolm X, and has just come out on CD. It premiered in 1986. Terry talks with David about what Malcolm X meant to him and why he decided to compose an opera on his life. Davis has received international recognition for his compositions as well as his performances as a solo pianist and the leader of the ensemble Episteme.


"Tania" in Concert.

Concert and interview with composer Anthony Davis and performers from his new opera, "Tania," -- Soprano Cynthia Aaronson, bass/baritone Mark Doss, and pianist Alan Johnson. Davis's opera premiered this week at the American Music Theatre Festival in Philadelphia. "Tania," is loosely based on the Patty Hearst story.


Composer Anthony Davis

Davis is an avant-garde composer whose work draws heavily from jazz traditions. He wrote a new opera called X, based on the life of Malcom X. He performs the overture live in-studio.


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