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Amitav Ghosh

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Novelist Amitav Ghosh on the Political Landscape of India

Ghosh was born in Calcutta and studied in India, Britian, and Egypt. He has a new novel, "In An Antique Land," which tells the story of two Indians in Egypt: a 12th century slave who Ghosh had read about, and Ghosh himself. He'll talk with Terry about the current violence in India between Muslims and Hindus.


A Civilian in Baghdad; The Logistics of Ending the War

Terry features two guests in this segment.

First, Amitav Ghosh is an Indian writer and anthropologist. Terry talks to him about an essay he wrote in the January issue of the literary magazine Granta called "An Egyptian in Baghdad." One of his friends went to work in Iraq several years ago; that friend was still in Baghdad when the war started. Ghosh felt that much of the press about the war was depersonalized, and wanted to write about the life of one person caught up in the conflict.

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