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Alex Chilton

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Singer, Writer, and Cult Figure Alex Chilton.

Singer/guitarist Alex Chilton has been playing music for decades. As a teenager he was a member of the Memphis Band Box Tops. He was 16 years old when they recorded their hit, the R&B song “The Letter.” Later with the band “Big Star” he became a underground hero. After dropping out of sight to kick an alcohol addiction, Chilton returned to performing. By then many younger bands, REM and The Bangles, considered him a legend. Chilton’s new release (as a part of a trio) “Set” (bar-none) was recorded on the spur of the moment, and without overdubbing.


Singer and Songwriter Alex Chilton

Chilton was a teenage rock star in the late 60's as the singer with the group the Box Tops. Their major hits included Cry Like a Baby and The Letter. Chilton went on to found the group Big Star. Their two albums in the early seventies, Number 1 Record and Radio City are highly acclaimed but were commercial flops. Chilton has continued a solo career.


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Rock's Boy Genius Peaks Early

Rock historian Ed Ward profiles singer-songwriter Alex Chilton, an American musician whose career began when he was still a teenager. His band Big Star was critically-lauded but short-lived.


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